March 28, 2009

Kwetiau A-Chai

Pictures by Trisno Tohar
Another famous and favorite Chinese food in Jakarta is kwetiau. You can find kwetiau almost in any Chinese food restaurant in Jakarta. A friend of mine who is a Chinese food lover, Trisno Tohar, sent me an email about a small Chinese food restaurant in Daan Mogot Street, West Jakarta. The name is Kwetiau Sapi A-Chai.

Kwetiau is some kind of noodle. The differences is kwetiau made from rice powder and has a flat shape. Like noodles, we can cook kwetiau in many way and recipes. The owner, Mr. Achai, opened this restaurant 15 years ago with the same specialty and recipes.

As a restaurant which specialty in kwetiau, this restaurant has a main menu by kwetiau, of course, but we can also find other food based on noodles and bihun. This restaurant has many variant recipes of kwetiau, noodle, or bihun but with the same topping which is beef. Fried, thin sauce, yam sauce, or else depends on your choice. The price is only Rp. 17,500 per portion for one person.

It's open before lunch time till almost midnite. Located in Daan Mogot Street No. 69D. It's only 1 km from Ciputra Mall, Grogol, West Jakarta. It has a branch in Citra Garden 2 Complex, block h2/12A, Cengkareng, West Jakarta, phone: 021-6198611.

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