January 6, 2009

Nasi Campur Konghu (Chinese Mix Rice)

Pictures by Trisno Tohar

Have you ever eat nasi campur (chinese mix rice)? There is a little restaurant which is selling this kind of food. It is called Nasi Campur Konghu restaurant. Thank you to my best friend, Trisno Tohar, who sent me an email about this little chinese restaurant.

The owner is Indonesian Chinese descendant. There are many ethnics in Chinese people; one of them is konghu, most of these people was born and grew at Pontianak or Singkawang city, Central Kalimantan (Borneo). One of their famous favorite foods is Nasi Campur (mix rice). Nasi campur is made from ordinary rice with pork and chicken meat all mix together with special sauce on a single plate.

Nasi campur konghu is a little bit different from other nasi campur. Generally, the main dishes in chinese nasi campur is consist of sweet roasted pork; salty roasted pork; chicken egg; roasted or steamed chicken (sometimes duck). But in this nasi campur konghu there are also boiled blood pork (In fact in some konghu restaurant, like at Pangeran Jayakarta Street, they put some addition meat like foot and tongue pork). Which is make this food very special is the chilli peppers sauce. They use terasi (condiment made from pounded and fermented shrimp or small fish) from Kalimantan for the chilli sauce.

You can find this little restaurant at Gunung Sahari Street, North Jakarta, just across the street with Mangga Dua Square Shopping Complex. The price is relatively cheap. You can enjoy this meal for only Rp 20.000 (less than USD 2.00) per portion. There are also other several Chinese food beside nasi campur, such as steamed chicken rice; and bektim (I don’t know how to called bektim in English, but it made from steamed various part of pork with spicy gravy). This restaurant is open from 10AM to 10PM.

So if you a Chinese food fan, you may like this food to try. It is a recommended!

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