January 5, 2009

Monas Delman Vanished Slowly

One of Monas's traction is Delman (two wheeled buggy). Delman is one of culture of Betawi people (original citizens of Jakarta). This kind of transportation is exist in Jakarta for hundred of years, but now it is very rare to see it on street. Modern technology 'killed' them slowly. And now, Monas Delman is also vanished one by one.

For many years, Monas Delman was become a traction of Monas. We can explore Monas area by this unique transportation for just Rp 15.000. To attract tourist, the driver decorated their delman with bright color and wrapping papers.

But the last couple of years, Monas area is prohibited for delman. Now their role is replaced by two tourism trains to carry out tourist from parking area to the main gate or the other way. Sadeli, a Monas delman driver, said that their feel more comfortable to ride in Monas area. Because they can get more tourists and, of course, income if they ride in Monas area. He claimed that he can get Rp 250.000 a day if they ride in the area. Now they are very lucky if they can get Rp 100.000 a day gross! They operate outside the Monas area now, on the street. And it is very dangerous for them because the traffic.

According to the regulation Monas area is prohibited for delman for cleanness reason. Before the regulation there were about 90 delmans in this area but now there are only 30 of them. Most of them was tired to play 'cat and mouse' with security officers.

In other city, like Yogyakarta for example, delman is conserved and protected, but why in this city this culture were thrown away? Should it be vanished in the name of progression and modernization?

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