December 3, 2008

MONAS, Icon of Jakarta

Talking about Jakarta is means talking about Monas or National Monument. Jakarta is not Jakarta without Monas. It is the icon of Jakarta. Located at the center of this big city, Monas is become a tourist area & interesting education center for Jakarta people. Monas built in 1959 and launched 2 years later in 1961. Monas is always crowded by tourists who want to see the beauty of Jakarta from its top, increasing their perception of Indonesia history or just enjoy the freshness of 80 hectares city forest.

Every holiday, Monas is always visited by many tourists. In this magnificent place you can enjoy many kind of tours and educational objects. You can climb this high rise monument to the top. You also can do any sport activity here with your friends and family. You can enjoy the beautiful park with harmoniously trees. Or maybe you want to enjoy an interesting water fountain.

Monas History

Monas start built in August 1959. The entire building designed by Indonesian architects Soedarsono, Frederich Silaban and Ir. Rooseno. In August 17, 1961, Monas was official launched by President Soekarno. And opened for public since July 12, 1975.

Whereas the city forest area surround it was used to be known as Gambir Square. Then this square has changing his name for several times as Ikada Square, Merdeka Square, Monas Square, and then now it becomes Monas Park.

Monas's Content & Dimension

Monas built 132 meters high and shaped as phallus (lingga yoni). The entire building is covered by marble.

Lidah Api (The Flame)

At the top, there is a cup which is has a 17 meters high, 6 meters diameter, and 14,5 tons weight flame shape made from bronze. This flame is covered with 45 kg solid gold. Monas Flame formed from 77 parts.

Pelataran Puncak (The Top Yard)

The top yard has 11x11 m wide. To reach this area, visitors must be using elevator with 3 minutes way long. Surrounding the elevator there is an emergency stairs. From the top yard of Monas, we can see high rise buildings in Jakarta. In fine-clear weather, we can even see Salak Mountain in West Java or Seribu Islands on Java Ocean.

Pelataran Bawah (The Beneath Yard)

The beneath yard is 45x45 m wide. This yard is 17 meters higher from the bottom. In this area visitors can see Monas Park which is a beautiful city forest.

Museum Sejarah Perjuangan Nasional (National Struggle History Museum)

At the bottom of Monas, there is a 80x80 m wide room with 8 meters high called National Museum . This museum presents Indonesian struggle history. At the fourth sides of this museum there are 12 dioramas shows Indonesian history since royal ages to September 30 coup d'etat incident by Indonesian Communist Party (PKI).

Beside of those, it was planned to show the original heirloom flag and declaration of independence manuscript inside this building. There is also a show of master plan of Jakarta development.

Monas Park

You can also put your saturation away by enjoying Monas Park, which is a city forest designed as a beautiful park.

In this park you can playing around with deers special delivered from Bogor Palace. Beside of that you can also do any sport activities with your friends and family.

Monas Park is completed with dancing water fountain which is very interesting to be watched at night. The water will swaying fit in with played songs. There is also a laser show at this fountain.

Beside the sport activities, there is also a free 'reflection massage' for you. In this park there is an area which is has many little rocks you can step on. It feels like you are in a reflection massage session. Free of charge of course. There were also several basket ball courts & futsal (mini soccer) courts for anybody.

If you are tired after walking around this 80 hectares park, you can use touring carriage. This park is free open for public.

Monas Tours

To reach Monas, there are many transportation you can use. You can use express electrical train, KRL Jabodetabek, stop at Gambir Station. Or you can use Trans Jakarta Bus. If you are driving your own car, then you can park in the IRTI parking yard, or in Gambir Station.

To entering Monas building, you can pass through entry door around Pangeran Diponegoro statue. Then you will passing underground tunnel to entering Monas. You can also passing through entry door from Monas north yard. Open time is 9.00 AM to 4.00 PM.

Monas can be one of your choices to visit with your family & a place for your children to learn more about Indonesia history. You can enjoying fresh air from shady trees in Monas Park (which is very rare in Jakarta). And don't forget! Keep this park clean so it can be enjoyed for anybody.

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