December 14, 2008

Car Free Day on Old Town

Today, Sunday, December 14, West Jakarta & North Jakarta is car free! Yes, Jakarta Province Government decided to reenacting Car Free Day for West Jakarta (Old Town area) and North Jakarta (around Danau Sunter area).

This car free day is supported by Badan Pengelola LingkunganHidup (BPLHD) DKI Jakarta, West Jakarta City Government, Metro Jaya Provincial Police, Dinas Perhubungan DKI Jakarta, and bike to work community. Until last year, car free day was held only once a month at Jenderal Sudirman St. and MH Thamrin St. But this year it was held by rotation for the five city areas.

Old Town, West Jakarta
Special for West Jakarta a few streets is closed for any vehicle except , of course, Trans Jakarta Bus, from 6 AM to 2 PM. They are Tongkol St., Cengkeh St., Kali Besar Timur St., Pintu Besar Utara St., and Pos Kota St.

In addition to this closing street, several activities are held at Fatahillah Park, such as relaxation bike, gymnastic, futsal (mini soccer), drawing contest, music stage, bazaar, exhibition, and also tree seeds distribution to Jakarta people.

Car free day is not only intended to be reducing to pollution but also intended to be a main tourism package for Jakarta City. "By this car free day, we will urge the Old Town Area to be a tourism destination" says West Jakarta Mayor, Djoko Ramadhan, Kompas, Sunday (12/14).

According to the master plan of Old Town Area, city government will built a parking building center in 500-750 meters radius from this area. Beside of that it will be built a penetration street from parking area to the center of Old
Town Area. "We wish some day this area will be car free everyday," says Djoko. "Every Old Town visitors who brought vehicle must be park at the allocated area."Bikers Communities
This event is also supported by couples of biker communities such as Bike To Work (B2W) community, and Onthel Bike (old bike which is made in colonial period) community. They bike around the Old
Town Area with their friends and family while campaign to rise people's interest to bike, especially to bike to work.

They also rented their old bikes to visitors for riding around the area or just taking pictures with these rare old bikes. For these communities, this event is became a free gathering place and to fill their off-day with positive activities.

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