November 23, 2008

Jakarta My Beloved City

I live in Jakarta. The Capital City of Indonesia.

This year on June 2008, she is 481 years old! very old huh? Yes she is. She was known as Batavia before.

She is big and still grow. She never sleep. 80% of Indonesian economic created from her. She attracted to many people.

She is very contradicted. She is very old but modern. She is pretty but ugly. She has many luxurious high rise building and elite communities but she also has many poor communities. She is light & dark. She has big streets with bad traffic. She is full of joy and suffer. Many people succeed in this Metropolitan & become rich but more failed & poor and still dreaming to become success.

Above of those all, I was born in this contradictive city. I grew in her hug. And I will die on her lap.

I love her. My beloved city.

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